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Steve Purcell - Toy Story George Lucas Promo

From Steve Purcell's blog - "Here is one of the first tasks I was given at Pixar about 9 years ago. George Lucas was accepting what I believe was an AFI award and Pixar wanted to congratulate him on the back cover of the printed program book. The mandate was to mix George's and Pixar's worlds, and as the cloaked Buzz and Woody Jedi idea was going nowhere, and my favorite Lucas movie is American Graffiti, I pitched this "cruisin" concept.

Since Woody wears a cowboy hat I originally tried putting him in Bob Falfa's black '55 Chevy but it ultimately felt too obscure compared to John Milner's iconic yellow Deuce Coupe sporting the THX plate.
It was a quick and fun painting but was published in black and white with a printing glitch causing it to be reproduced in low-res, so this is the first appearance of the piece as it was intended." -